Message from the Principal


 Thursday 11th February

 TIME: 7:00pm

 VENUE: School Hall

 HIS warmly invites you and your child to an evening to meet your child’s teacher

 and the rest of the staff! After a brief presentation in the hall, you will go to your

 child’s homeroom.

 This is a time for you to find out about what you can expect from us this year.

 We want you to know who we are so that you will feel comfortable to contact the

 school anytime you need to.

 Look forward to seeing you.

 Mrs Wendy Esera


On behalf of the HIS Staff





Welcome to Henderson Intermediate School.  Our School Values underpin everything that we do.  By the end of Year 8 we want all our students to be respectful, responsible, prepared and proud!

 We are passionate about learning in the middle years.

 It is at this time that children go through the second most significant time in their lives socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. This is when they establish their attitudes and values for the rest of their lives. Intermediate Schools are middle schools.  They are not primary and they are not secondary. At Henderson Intermediate School, we cater for the unique age and stage that your children are at.  

These special young adults need to be in an environment that is safe and will allow them to grow.  Teachers at Henderson Intermediate are negotiators, skilled behaviour managers.  Teaching and learning programmes are designed to specially cater for the individual learning needs of your children. This is the last chance they have to become confident readers and writers, before they go to College. Numeracy skills need to be well embedded too.  Students are given a wide range of learning activities and extra-curricular opportunities.

At Henderson Intermediate School students flourish and grow!

Mrs Wendy Esera










Respectful Responsible Prepared Proud
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