Henderson Intermediate School was founded in 1964.  We are an urban co-educational state school for Year 7 and Year 8 students in West Auckland, New Zealand. Our present roll is 560 and growing. Our student population is ethnically diverse, reflecting the ever changing face of Auckland in the 21st century.

Located at 70 Lincoln Road in the heart of Henderson, we are fortunate to boast very large, level playing fields and well established trees. The area was previously vineyards and apple orchards, some of which still run as viable businesses today. 


Henderson Intermediate School will provide a wide range of curriculum experiences to prepare students for secondary school while recognising that the needs of children and their learning shall always be our prime concern and our first priority.


The school will:


·        provide a curriculum in which students will develop disciplined work habits,

·        offer programmes in which students will experience success and develop self esteem,

·        foster appreciation and understanding of the multicultural aspects of the community and school life.


Contact Us
70 Lincoln Road
PH: 09 8388529
FAX: 09 8366932