Kia ora, malo elelei, Kia orana, Fakalofalahi atu, Bula vinaka, Hallo, 

Kamusta, Talofa lava, Talofa, La orana, Namaste, Hello! 

Welcome to Room 12


Here in Room 12, we work together, encourage one another and use our R2P2 values day in and day out. Our class has a huge number of kids! In total we have 27 students in our class. Most of them are year sevens who will flourish and grow to be trained as year eights for the rest of the year. As for the year eights we have a total of 13 students who will be heading off to college next year with hopes of achieving their dreams.

In Room 12 we support one another when we do Sports, Music, Games etc. Our class is a really sporty class we join as many activities as we can as well as going to tournaments and competitions.

Every child in this class has there own role and that’s what makes them special! They work hard and try to achieve as much as they can. For the leadership jobs each child has a chance to take the four leads of being the Councillor, Environmental, ICT & Sports leader. These leadership roles go to students who use there R2P2 and take the role of being a leader seriously.

As for the dojo points, each child has a chance to get a reward in: class, assembly and especially outside of school grounds. Each child gets dojo points by using their R2P2 in and out of school. It is really important to use our R2P2 at school because we all need to be always treating people fairly to make a better, safer world and to manage our actions around others also too enjoy school and have fun along with being ready to learn.

Week 1:  


Starting school is not always easy for people so this week was  just the beginning of room 12, getting to know each other. Week one was a short but amazing experience for our room 12 students, during this week we learnt about each other, teachers, family members and made new friends. We were also introduced to our class dojo, each and everyone of us students gets the chance to create their own “Character” and feel free to try and earn points, this website is outstanding! This is where each and every one of your kids gets to earn points and lose points, for using R2P2 or doing things disrespectfully but there's a secret catch is that your parents can access your account.


Week 2:


In week two we all made fantastic posters and slideshows! This week Mrs Fletcher wrote us a letter all about her stunning self, where we  had to respond to it. Most of us made colourful posters that look amazing on our class wall, a few of us decided to make slideshows on google slides which will be on your child's class dojo. Each and every student had to introduce themself with pictures, family and information about our breathtaking selves. We then stuck the finished posters on the wall. The posters/slideshows  were super, creative and colourful! And I can't wait to see these children make even more!


Week 3:


Week three was very exciting. We made globes and slideshows! We started the globes by blowing up balloons and carefully doing a paper mache creation. First we went over it with old newspaper and then for the last  two layers we covered it with spare white paper. After that we all waited and proceeded to paint our globes blue. Then we started to draw the different countries and went over them with pastels, then we were finished they all looked amazing?! On the wall and we all couldn’t wait to share our cultures with one another.


Week 4:


We all made ice cream! All 27 of us got to enjoy eating ice cream! This was all apart of our intelligent maths work,  so far we are focusing on geometry and measurement. According to some groups it tasted exactly like McDonalds ice cream (And I can say for myself we did do an excellent and awarding job). Before we started to make it, Mrs Fletcher gave us a piece of paper each that told us the instructions to make it. We had to go up to our teachers and show them where to fill the measuring cup. We then put all the ingredients into a small ziplock bag, then put the huge  ice cubes and salt in a bigger ziplock bag. Next we put the small ziplock bag into the bigger and larger ziplock bag and we had to shake them for 10 minutes or a bit longer. After that it was the taste test, it tasted just like McDonalds ice cream delicious and couldn’t have been more refreshing in this hot weather. We were very grateful that our teachers: Mrs Fletcher & Miss Easton decided to arrange that fun and easy learning way of learning geometry and measurement.


Week 5:

To begin with, I will start by talking about our breathtaking inquiry, Ngā Hau E Whā, this was what our incredible class have to work on for the rest of the term, Ngā Hau E Whā is showcasing every single one of your kids cultures, whether its celebrations, festivals, jewelry etc. The work the children have done so far is marvellous, they colour-coded, brainstormed & interviewed  it was really mind blowing to see the results from you guys, the parents! Let me finish by saying that athletics is coming up where each child get a chance to do running , long jump, high jump, shot put & discus. We also have houses, red, blue, green and gold! This is where the kids learnt how to do there house chants, they get to go in mufti of there house and marvellously get to win awards.

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School Starts: 8.50am

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