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Charter - 2021

- Annual Report 2020
- Annual Plan 2021
- Māori Action Plan 2021
- Pacific Islands Action Plan 2021
- Property Plan 2021

- Budget 2021

Charter - 2020

- Annual Report 2019
- Annual Plan 2019
- Māori Action Plan 2019
- Pacific Islands Action Plan 2019
- Property Plan 2019

- Budget 2019

Charter - 2022

- Annual Report 2021
- Annual Plan 2022
- Māori Action Plan 2022
- Pacific Islands Action Plan 2022
- Property Plan 2022

- Budget 2022

Charter - 2023

- Financial Annual Report 2022
- Annual Plan 2023
- Māori Action Plan
- Pacific Islands Action Plan 2023
- Property Plan 2023

- Budget 2023

A warm welcome to all students and their families joining Henderson Intermediate School.  If this is your family’s first contact with the school, you can be assured you are becoming part of a wonderful school community and we are delighted to welcome you here.

The school is committed to excellence and has consistently achieved highly across a broad range of areas – not only in the core curricula but also in Music, the Arts and a wide range of sporting endeavours.  There is a huge range of opportunities for students.  We encourage them to explore, discover and develop their interests and talents. 

The “Intermediate Years” are an important part of your family’s life and we welcome your input and contact with the school. 

Board Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.  The School Charter and minutes of Board Meetings are available for you to view in the School Office.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family and working in partnership during this exciting phase of your child’s educational journey.


Presiding Member: Ronald Crawford

Deputy Presiding Member: Ihapera Adams

Principal: Viv Carr

Members: Julie Owen, Spencer Woolrich, Raj Maharjan, Adelma Rimoni, Ebony-Rose Andrews, James Christie

Staff Representative: Alaina Talamahina

Secretary: Shania Hammon -

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