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John Hernandez.jpg
John Hernanedz
Daisy Gage.jpg
Daisy Gage
Jazzy Opetaia-Ekeroma.jpg
Jazzy Opetaia-Ekeroma
Cooper Keys.jpg
Cooper Keys
Olivia O'Brien.jpg
Olivia O'Brien
Timo Yelash.jpg
Timo Yelash
Kamal Lemafa.jpg
Kamal Lemafa
Malakai Tuimalealiifano.jpg
Malakai Tuimalealiifano

The House Captains work with a different leadership group each term. Their main role is to promote house pride. In the first term they worked firstly with the Sports Leaders to encourage participation in Athletics Day, then they worked with the School Councillors to help promote attendance at the disco.  

Go Red! Go Blue! Go Gold! Go Green!


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