Short Sleeve Shirt



PE Shorts



PE Top




(size 6-108)






Shorts (size 8-108) 



Fleece Jacket



Shorts (size 112-120) 




(larger sizes)



Socks & Hats

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (Pack 3)    $20  

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (1 Pair)     $7

White Ankle Socks (not sports) Girls Only (Pack 3) $12         

White Ankle Socks (not sports)Girls Only (1 Pair)    $4           

(we are discontinuing the use of white socks for girls this year (2021) - girls may continue to wear these if you have already purchased them. 

Hats - Cap or Bucket                                                    $16



Socks, Shoes (& Tights for Girls)

Plain black (no logos or badging), lace up, polished dress shoes with a low heel. 

No casual, sports, canvas or suede styles.

No white or coloured soles. 

No buckle or velcro fastened shoes. 

Regulation socks must be worn with shoes. Girls & Boys black, calf length socks (white ankle socks will be phased out in 2021 - from 2022 girls will wear the same black socks as the boys). In winter girls may wear navy or black footed tights (not footless) with a full shoe (not sandals)


Limited sizes of uniform are available in the School Office...

If we don't have your size please order our uniform online at Arglyeonline.


Socks and hats are available from

the School Office.

2022 Uniform Sales

We will open a Pop-up shop at school in the 3rd week of January 2022 where you can bring your child to try on and purchase uniform and stationery on the day. Dates & times will be advertised once confirmed.



Plain black roman sandals or single ‘cross over’

slave sandals with a heel strap – all straps must be fitted correctly.

No socks, pantyhose or tights are to be worn with sandals.