Short Sleeve Shirt



PE Shorts



PE Top




(size 6-108)






Shorts (size 8-108) 



Fleece Jacket



Shorts (size 112-120) 




(larger sizes)



Socks & Hats

Black calf length Socks - Boys & Girls  (Pack 3)  $20  

Black calf length Socks - Boys & Girls  (1 Pair)   $7 

Hats - Cap or Bucket       $16

Socks, Shoes (& Tights for Girls)

Plain black (no logos or badging), lace up, polished dress shoes with a low heel. 

No casual, sports, canvas or suede styles.

No white or coloured soles. 

No buckle or velcro fastened shoes. 

Regulation socks must be worn with shoes (girls & boys black, calf length socks). In winter girls may wear navy or black footed tights (not footless) with a full shoe (not sandals)

2022 Uniform Sales

A Pop-up shop will be open in our school hall from Wednesday 19th January to Friday 28th January (we will be closed on 31st January being Auckland Anniversary) It is essential that you bring your child to try on and then purchase uniform and stationery on the day.

 WINZ quotes  are available from the School Office or use this form to provide WINZ with costs yourself. If you will be purchasing uniform from our Pop Up Shop please ask WINZ to pay Henderson Intermediate School.  You may also order our uniform online at Arglyeonline.

 https://www.argyleonline.co.nz/shop/auckland/henderson-intermediate  (please measure your child's waist and chest so as to select the correct sizes). Please note that when obtaining uniform online by using a WINZ quote you need to place the order with Argyleonline and print off your order before going to WINZ so that WINZ may pay Argyle directly using the bank acccount number and your order number provided on the Argyle printout.

Socks and hats are available from

the School Office.



Plain black roman sandals or single ‘cross over’ slave sandals with a heel strap – all straps must be fitted correctly.

No socks, pantyhose or tights are to be worn with sandals.