Our Uniform is ordered online only, please go directly to  https://www.argyleonline.co.nz/shop/auckland/henderson-intermediate

Socks and hats can be purchased from school. (See prices below)

Socks & Hats (available from school)

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (Pack 3)    $18  

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (1 Pair)        $6

White Ankle Socks Girls Only (Pack 3)                       $10

White Ankle Socks Girls Only (1 Pair)                        $3.50 

Hats - Cap or Bucket                                                    $16




Shoes Plain black (no logos or badging), lace up, polished dress shoes with a low heel. 

No casual, sports, canvas or suede styles.

No white or coloured soles. 

No buckle or velcro fastened shoes. 

Regulation socks must be worn with shoes, black boys & girls calf length socks (girls also have white ankle socks option).


Sandals Plain black roman sandals or single ‘cross over’

slave sandals with a heel strap – all straps must be fitted correctly.

No socks, pantyhose or tights are to be worn with sandals.

70 Lincoln Road


Auckland 0610

New Zealand


PH: 09 8388529

Mob: 0210759095


School Starts: 8.50am

Interval: 10.30 - 10.55am

Lunch: 12.25 - 1.15pm

School Finishes: 2.50pm


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