Limited sizes of uniform are available in the School Office...

Otherwise please order our uniform online at Arglyeonline.


Socks and hats are available from the School Office.

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Socks & Hats

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (Pack 3)    $20  

Black calf length Socks - Boys and Girls  (1 Pair)     $7

White Ankle Socks Girls Only (Pack 3)                       $12

White Ankle Socks Girls Only (1 Pair)                        $4 

(we are discontinuing the use of white socks for girls this year - girls may continue to wear these if you have already purchased them. 

Hats - Cap or Bucket                                                    $16



White Socks (2).jpg

White Ankle Socks with turnover cuff.

No sports socks please


Socks, Shoes (& Tights for Girls)

Plain black (no logos or badging), lace up, polished dress shoes with a low heel. 

No casual, sports, canvas or suede styles.

No white or coloured soles. 

No buckle or velcro fastened shoes. 

Regulation socks must be worn with shoes, black boys & girls calf length socks (girls also have white ankle socks option). In winter girls may wear navy footed tights (not footless) with a full shoe (not sandals)



Plain black roman sandals or single ‘cross over’

slave sandals with a heel strap – all straps must be fitted correctly.

No socks, pantyhose or tights are to be worn with sandals.