Head Students

Kia Ora

Ko Jayda toku ingoa

Ko Te Rarawa toku iwi

No Mititmiti ahau

Ko Carine toku Mama

Ko Colin toku Papa

Ko Ella toku tuahine

Tekau ma rua oku tau

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

I am Jayda Heremaia, Henderson Intermediates Head girl for 2019.

Last year I was elected for the role of Head girl and I was fortunate enough to be given this opportunity. I knew there would be many responsibilities that come with this position and I was very willing to accept this role. I will continue to show R2P2 and prove my leadership, perseverance and to set a good example for all new and returning students of Henderson Intermediate. My goal is to help the school to excel and to become genuine and kind towards others and to strive for excellence within themselves.

Ni sa Bula Vinaka na yacaqu, o Tuipulotu Soko Cody Cama. Au gone ni Nasau, Moce, Lau. Au vasu i Naikeleyaga, Kabara, Lau. Na yacai tamaqu o Viliame Cama. Na yacai tinaqu o Unaisi Cama .

Greeting to you all, my name is Cody Cama and I have been given the privilege  of being your head boy for 2019. The reason why I wanted to become headboy was because I wanted to show my potential in leadership and showing the R2P2 values. I’m Fijian and Tongan, I love to play basketball and Softball. I hope this year will be a great experience for the year 7s. For year 8s this year will sprint past really fast, so try and do your best academically, join sports groups etc and make the most of Intermediate school life.

Vinaka Vaka levu


Malo e lelei

Ko hoku hingoa ko Suzianne katrina vakalahi faeamani

Oku ou hau mei vaini mei Tonga

Ko hoku fa’ee ko Mele Vakalahi

Oku ou ta’u tahaua

I am your deputy head girl for 2019, my name is Suzi and I am Tongan. Attending H.I.S has given me hope and taught me to strive for the best and to reach for the stars.  Our school has given me the values to flourish and grow. I will do my best to ensure you experience the aroha and manaakitanga here at our school to prepare you for your future. Malo au’pito

Hello, my name is Alex Lay and I am the Henderson Intermediate 2019 deputy head boy. I wanted to become a head student so that I could be a role-model and lead by example. I believe that all students at HIS are great and have potential to flourish and grow into successful future leaders. I am capable of showing our R2P2 values - respectful, responsible, prepared and proud. I come from a Cambodian background personally, but I also love seeing lots of new and amazing cultures in our school family! I want everyone here to feel welcomed, and for our HIS family to experience our aroha and manaaki.

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