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Food Technology

Food Technology - Term 1

Throughout the cycle, students have the opportunity to

develop and master a range of food preparation

techniques, as they create a variety of products with

Students will learn the importance of safe hygienic

procedures. Then later in the cycle, they will have

opportunities to apply their knowledge and create

ideas of their own design, working through the

Technology design process, developing a plan, testing
and evaluating their ideas.
During the first lesson, all students complete the ‘Who Am I?’ questionnaire. The questionnaire requires students to identify foods they are not able to eat, due to cultural requirements, allergies or other health reasons. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me, through the School Office or email. Students are looking forward to creating products with new friends and having fun in Food Technology. Food Technology Teacher Robyn Lane Breakfast Club: The Food Technology room is open for breakfast, from approximately 7.15 am until 8.25 am. It is a self-serve system of Weet-bix, milk and often bread and spreads for toast. All welcome!




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