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Social Sciences  

In Social Science we use the Social Inquiry Approach.


Through social inquiry, students ask questions, gather information, and examine the background to important societal ideas and events, explore and analyse values and perspectives relating to these ideas and events; and develop understandings about issues and the ways that people (themselves and others) make decisions and participate in social action.  


This year at Henderson Intermediate we will focus on a new context each term.


Term 1:  Having Our Say:  The Flag Consideration Project


  • This unit replicates the real decision-making process taking place around the flag, creating a strong context for students to explore their sense of national identity and citizenship.


Term 2:  Early Settlers to West Auckland


  • In this Unit we investigate the Settlement and development of West Auckland from pre-European times to today.


Term 3:  The Olympic Games


  • In this unit students will have the opportunity to study the history of the Olympic Games and investigate the Olympic Values.


Term 4:  Famous people in West Auckland


  • This unit investigates the famous people or role models in our society




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