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On 17th September we had our school camp and I had a really good time at camp.  The best activities were rafting and ‘kayaking’.  We learnt how to use the paddle.  It was my first time doing kayaking.  But I was too good, we had a race and I arrived 4th and that was such fun.  The next activity was rafting, and our group walked for a long time to get to the river.  When we arrived at the river we decided on the team and we tied the rope on the wood to make a raft.  Then we sat on the raft and we began to move.  Someone tied the rope on my body and the raft.  I jumped into the river and I swam.  I am so good at swimming and that’s why it went faster than the other raft.  The more surprising thing is I caught the Banana-Boat and that went the same that we were going and someone said “Jerry is the man”!  That’s why our team arrived much earlier than the other team.  I was so proud of myself.  The other activities were fun too and I wish everyone could come to camp and enjoy it.




Eric's Study in New Zealand

I think studying in New Zealand will be my best memory ever!!

Before I came to New Zealand, I didn’t want to come.  But my mum wanted me to go so; I leave my home country Korea.  I started a new life in New Zealand and became an International student.

I stayed at my Aunties first then after one week, I went to Kiwi’s house.  I had to live with kiwi’s.  When I met homestay brother, he was kind to me.  But when I saw him my lips couldn’t move so, all I said was h….H…i….i  I think I did well.  I could understand some of the sentences.

My school was Henderson Intermediate School.  My room number is Room 3 with nice and cool woman teacher!  She was genius!  She knew where I was from!  She made me feel welcome and introduced me to new friends.

I love my kiwi homestay, but the time went fast and I had to leave my familiar house.  When I came to my auntie’s house, I got the largest room.  I liked it.  The drawer and a bookshelf were full with my books and the paper boxes that I made.  My brother (not real) and my friend who came to New Zealand together like to play in my room too!  We loved it.   So I was able to be in a Korean home for a while and a kiwi home too.  I was happy.

I loved my school life too!

My friends were kind and helpful.  My teacher was nice and also kind!  So I have lots of friends now.

Everyone likes me.  I like them too!  I’ve got a best friend too!  He always laughs happily.  I like his smile, I think it is one of the best things about coming to New Zealand.

Because of my teachers, friends, my aunty and uncle my English is getting better and better.  It has improved lots.  I think New Zealand is a great place to come and study – especially Henderson Intermediate.

I love New Zealand. 




Andy's Study in New Zealand

My name is Andy Song. I’m from Korea and I came to NZ at the beginning of the school year. I wanted to improve my English and to experience living in another country. Also, I wanted to make many friends, so that’s why I came here.

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my friends.

Most students, who study abroad, have a lot of difficulty adapting to a country where they’re studying. But I didn’t have any difficulty. I think that’s because my friends have always helped me to learn more and they play with me.

On my first day at Henderson Intermediate School, I was too nervous to talk with someone. I just followed what the teachers said to me. When I was in my classroom (Rm.11), Cypress and Thomas were sitting next to me. They started to talk to me and morning tea and lunchtime of that day, I played basketball with them. Later, I met my other best friends, Tevita and Jalen.

Secondly, I’d like to talk about my homestay family. They are a Kiwi family. They are always kind to me and also they are people who helped me most and they are still helping me. Living at their house, I went many places, and joined many celebrations like their birthdays Well, I made heaps of mistakes, but they were always nice to me. Anthony and Gabby, the best 11 year old boy and the best 9 year old girl, were trying to give me lots of help and their mother, Andrea was helping me, too.

Thirdly, I’d like to talk about the sports at school. I love sports and I think that being involved in the school sports day and playing basketball have helped me belong at the school. I have made many friends because of my involvement in sports.

I go to a special English class and this helps me with my writing and my reading. I have a lot of support from the teachers and I believe my English is improving a lot. And I am also having a wonderful NZ experience.



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