Instrument tuition

Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments at a very reasonable price.  The School owns many of the instruments so the cost of hire to students is minimal.

At present we have students learning Violin, Chello, Flute, Guitar, Saxaphone and Piano.

Contact the Office for more information.

Music specialist classes term 1

It's been a great start to the year with music specialist in full swing and our 2nd cycle of students have begun. Students this year will learn how to read music and prepare, rehearse and present a number of musical performance to a small audience. They will learn to read and play music for a variety of instruments such as ukulele, piano, guitar, drums and glockenspiel.  Each lesson will give students the opportunity to learn and practice music theory plus to prepare and rehearse for their final musical showcase at the end of the cycle. The 3 key components of music this year is performing to an audience, playing instruments and reading music.














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